Micom BH is a company whose main business is selling measuring instruments and equipment. Micom BH is part of the Micom group, which is the largest distributor of measuring instruments in Southeastern Europe. The company was founded in 1991 and today the Micom Group employs 30 people, most of whom are electrical and mechanical engineers.

The MICOM BH Laboratory was founded in 2019 and as an independent organizational unit provides calibration services for temperature meters. The laboratory employs electrical and mechanical engineers with extensive experience in calibration and thermometry. As a secondary industrial laboratory, MICOM provides calibration services for all commonly used thermometers in the industry, including thermocouples, resistive thermometers, and self-indicating thermometers, ensuring calibration results and measurement uncertainty to suit industry applications. In this way, we provide our customers with quality, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and most importantly, we protect human lives.

We strongly believe that our calibration services must be technically flawless, client-friendly and timely. We invite you to see for yourself the quality of our services.


Quality policy

      Reliable management


In order to provide quality services on an ongoing basis, we have identified all the necessary processes and resources for the quality of our overall operations that we manage reliably, so that all relevant activities are documented and controlled, resources are planned and provided, and responsibilities and authorizations for their implementation are assigned.


      Test reliability


Activity management is based on the analysis of documented facts about the reliability of the results of our calibrations, so that our decisions are well made and represent a guarantee for further quality work.


      Team work


In order to maintain our position in the long run, we support teamwork and mutual respect for all those involved in the work of the MICOM BH Calibration Laboratory.


      Continuing education and learning


We achieve this vision by constantly educating ourselves in the relevant fields, planning and reviewing all activities, thus establishing the unity of our professional and scientific aspirations and activities, and the recognizable quality of the services we provide in the Calibration Laboratory.

      Calibration impartiality and objectivity


All employees of the laboratory are committed to continuous research, recognition and fulfillment of the requirements of all relevant laws, standards and new scientific practices, in order to offer impartial and objective services and measurement results to the satisfaction of Clients at all times.


      Focus on clients


As we perform our business in accordance with the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders and our Clients, we are committed and responsible for establishing lasting and partnership relations with our Clients in order to achieve mutual benefit and satisfaction, with the aim of improving the accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of the Client process.


      Continuous review


Services provided by MICOM BH must always be to the satisfaction of our Clients and relevant authorities, and if they do not, they must be reviewed and improved.